Armenian sheep

Breed description, photo, characteristic for home breeding

Breed description, photo, characteristic for home breeding

Armenian Semi sheep known as the rock. Bedrock, which since ancient times cultivated by local residents.

The climate is very specific in the Armenian countryside, but it does not hurt to have a sheep good performance. Here, a special air, because the slopes are at an altitude of several thousand meters above sea level. Among the rocks grow only the most prickly and tough plants, and then on dangerous slopes and unstable rocks. But all these conditions are native and familiar to the Altai sheep. In the warm season, the sheep graze in the most inaccessible places, and winter frosts, they are in a warm room and are fed solid foods.

The breed is one of the largest sheep with a strong constitution and well developed muscles. The limbs are long, strong enough to easily move around the fragile mountain soil. Sheepskin coat round head a little with a small hump, the tail of medium length. The growth of a mature ram can reach 75 cm, and the sheep of 70 cm at the withers. Chest not too extended, the weight of mature individuals of Armenian rock ranges from 50 to 90 kg. Wool has a high quality, density and color white, highly appreciated among the woolen goods manufacturers. Wool is smooth with a light torsion, beautiful white. Pure wool sheep can be collected from 2 to 4 kg. Wool long (20 cm), thin and thick.

During the lactation period, milk production can be up to 120 kg with a fat content of about 6%.
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