Crab spider or spider-like crab

Crab spider, characterization, description and a photo

Crab spider, characterization, description and a photo

Crab Spider (spider crab) – a detachment of small insects of the family araneomorphae. Insect resembles a tiny crab. insect body size is less than one centimeter, although some subspecies may overtaketh twenty-five millimeters. Paws spider different in length. The biggest – the front. This insect species is widespread on many continents. Scientists there are more than two thousand subspecies of spider-crabs.

The way of life resemble wolf spiders. They also do not spin webs. The victim was waiting on the ground, hiding behind leaves. Sometimes spiders blend in with plants, are not visible. Seeing the victim, the cunning spider slowly, silently approaching the victim. After waiting for the right moment, he deftly pounced on the insect, killing it with his strong poison. Teeth crab weak. Therefore, the insects die painlessly. Toxic substances, which contains saliva, immobilize prey.

The vision of a spider is good, but it does not help in the hunt. With the help of the eye, the spider moves freely forests. Some subspecies prefer to hunt at high plants: flowers, sunflowers, bushes. They have long chosen the right position. Then prepare for the attack, waiting for flying insects.

Insects do not eat very small insects. They pierce the body, then drink all the liquid. We can say that spider-crabs prey on the principle of mosquitoes.

Location hunting spiders, crabs selected by their coloring. Due to the natural color, they easily blend in with the environment.

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