Growing mint in the home

Growing mint in the apartment. How to properly care for mint. Planting and care of mint at home

Growing mint in the apartment. How to properly care for mint. Planting and care of mint at home

Gardeners have long been practicing the cultivation of mint house in the country, or in a greenhouse, for sale or just for yourself. Today we tell you how to reproduce and grow mint in the garden.

The best method of propagation – is vegetative. To do this, back in September, you should carefully dig mint grass with roots and easily cut it with a knife, to about 3-4 mint stalk left in each part. Further these completely different roots you just planted in small pots (12-15 cm in diameter).

It should be noted that the pre to the bottom of the pot with grass mint you have to put drainage, and then pour a little bit of land with a vegetable garden and a little less humus. Roots you covered with earth, and the stalk crop, about 5-6 cm above the ground. To quickly began to blossom mint leaves, pots must be installed near a lamp or a well-lit position. It is recommended to continuously monitor the amount of moisture in the pot with mint. It should be abundantly and constantly watering the earth and only warm some water, which has for some time to settle.

Room mint, planting and care at home

Useful for the proper development of the mint will sprinkle its leaves. Somewhere at the end of September mint fully take root and begin to blossom on her first mint leaves. At this point, you have to feed the urea mint (per liter of water about 2 grams of urea). At the time of the onset of winter should stop feeding urea, and to resume the process only at the beginning of February, when the sun becomes more active. In winter, it is advisable to highlight pots of mint after sunset More 6 hours, then the mint leaves will develop more actively. The food as seasoning, medicinal mint leaves can be used in three weeks after your landing.

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