Kindling – jack rabbit

Jack rabbit, cleaning, care of newborn rabbits, description, photos

Jack rabbit, cleaning, care of newborn rabbits, description, photos

In the first days after the birth of rabbits, jack rabbit, inspect, count the number of offspring, the dead take. After five or six days, changing the flooring in the nest, if the rabbits are being cold, they need an additional cover or move to a much warmer place. Warms the breath they can not, because moisture evaporates at the rabbits, thereby creating unnecessary sensation of cold is not yet on the overgrown hair skin.

Rabbit in most cases, caring mother, build burrows, trampled litter, lay back and wrapped his own newborn down for warmth. Not all parents are careful, there are some individuals related to kids rude, they do not care if the kids warm and if there is something to eat. If we got such inattentive mother, then temporarily have to spend a parent to take this box and place it in rabbits and encased down. To cover the box Build out light bulb to create the inside temperature of 38 – 40 °C.

Poor motherhood sometimes rabbit transmitted by inheritance, but it is a consequence of insufficient feeding, poor care. There are cases where the rabbit eats his newborn rabbits, due to lack of water in the trough, if received rabbit feed is not enough calcium, phosphorus, the other minerals and vitamins.

After kindling rabbit can get nervous, stop to feed the litter, trampling. The reason for the aggressive state is stepping state of estrus, just need to put it to the male, the female calmed, proceeds to motherhood.

Rabbit can tear their offspring after a difficult race and her nipples hardened, they are cracks. If this occurs, you should massage the nipples, a little milk yield and enclose rabbits, holding the female to get her to feed the rabbits. Repeat the procedure, usually several times, after which the rabbit itself further feeding and caring for rabbits.

If the female does not milk the rabbits simply enclose to other moms, and first fed intensively. Usually rabbit feeding children in the same hours every day, how much milk it can be determined from the breast, and then how rabbits grow plump, breast-feeding prior to visiting. If you have milk, they should be severely swollen after compression – milk stands.

Jack rabbit should be inspected only if the rabbit can not see you, if the inspection carried out in the presence of her female nervous, running around the cage. Before inspecting make a partition made of plywood between the rabbit and the socket.

If you put a rabbit to the other rabbits, it should be carried out very carefully, these kids down and cleaned from the previous litter mink mink is placed in the middle and wrapped down. Another important point, hands carefully washed out the usual soap, in any case not to use the toilet or perfumed soaps, and other means. Rabbits should be of the same age and size in a new family, having stayed there, rabbits start to smell like the rest, the female does not distinguish them calmly feeding, however, the early days still need to observe. The number mink throw in rabbits trafaretki fixed in such a nest is considered to be formed later.

You can try to bring up rabbits artificially, but that action was positive kids should be older, they are fed once a day, diluted 1: 1 in water or dry mixtures condensed milk, cow’s not worth taking because of the composition. rabbits should be fed using a baby bottle with a pacifier, the average daily yield of 15 – 30 g of a mixture, at the age of two weeks should reach the weight of 200 grams and three – 500, after a three-week feeding rabbits gradually moving towards normal diet adult rabbits and your role is over as a mother.

Small rabbits are surrounded by care, careful attention. For female and children watch carefully every day. The first bloom appears in rabbits on day 5 after birth, 10 have already opened eyes, and after 16 – 18 out of the burrows of the day and eat the food the mother. After two weeks of living in a hole half the litter is removed, to rabbits it was not crowded, and not too damp.

By rabbit also needs a calm attitude, removing it in the cage, gently move to the other side cells is forbidden to pull the rabbit out of the cage and the more out of the nest grabbing ears. The very cells and mink have to be perfectly clean, otherwise the risk of catching rabbits coccidiosis.

All the time that the female feeds rabbits milk, bedding changed regularly so they would dry in a hole. Some breeders are sure you can not inspect the rabbits after birth, otherwise the rabbit will not feed, care for, can even eat them. This opinion was erroneous, inspection nests and rabbits will be removed from the mink dead children, if left in the mink, rabbit can eat the living.

Inspect sockets for rabbit, hands should always be clean.

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