Mirgorodska pigs

Photos, description myrhorod pig, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Photos, description myrhorod pig, characteristic for home breeding and maintenance

Introduced a variety of productivity refers to the type of meat and greasy or universal direction. Features myrhorod pig consist in adaptations to the content of pets on pasture, and have sufficiently strong and great constitution. Above presented breeding species worked a whole group of people, which took place from some scientists, pork professionals, experienced workers farms and various workers’ collective and state institutions. Presented team quite a long period of time working on breeding pigs Mirgorod, which eventually were adopted as the second domestic variety (the first domestic species of a white Ukrainian steppe). In the first half of the 20th century (about 1940) Mirgorod pigs have been recognized as the original rock and gave her the title of independence.

The process works in the light of the diversity of the pigs is done by the method of reproductive selection. In this process, attended by representatives of black and pockmarked pigs that lived in all parts of the local areas, the male representatives of the Berkshire breed pigs average white variety, great white, pets temvorskoy, as well as a large black varieties.

The original habitat of Mirgorod pets were zonal steppe territory of Ukraine with the inherent specific climate. In the forest-steppe zone areas sufficient proportion of green and juicy fashionable breastfeeding means by which formed a certain nutritious diet. Pets quite unpretentious, good feel bad conditions and well tolerate stressful situations, as well as a high level of adaptation to the pastures. The representatives of the male gender, who were left in the breeding herds have an average live weight of 280 to 300 kg, with a characteristic length of the body -. 170-190, see Women’s representatives, which also inhabit the breeding herds have a body weight that waver in areas 230- 240 kg, and is characterized by the length of their body, corresponds to – 150-165 cm.

Consider the exterior characteristics of the species represented. So Mirgorodska pigs have the following data: the massive trunk and fleshy; straight, wide dorsal part rounded and deep chest; chest smoothly into the debarking part that is well developed; ham, in turn, lead to the hock joint; rather short legs and powerful pets; medium-sized compact head; at the head of the neatly arranged short and erect ears (frequent instances with ears tilted forward). Externally, it can be seen not rough, elastic skin layer, without the presence of any folds that is often inherent pig skin. All trunk pets abundantly covered with shiny, fairly long and thick beard. Diversity presented the coat suit rocks are completely different, but most Mirgorod pigs have a black base color, with the dominant shades ryabymi. In the case of animals often are found black spots color spots golden hues. Great rarity it considered to meet Mirgorodskogo representative who has a snow-white “belt” under the shoulder area, as well as in the field of forelegs.

Practically it is shown that maternal sows have good qualities. The level of reproductive sows Mirgorod is 11-13 piglets per litter. At the age of about 60-90 days (two to three months), the live weight of the whole nest is on average 155-185 kg, and the level of safety of young waver in areas of 90-95%. We know that pets are viable, so their life stability provides breast milk. As research sows milk product, milk globulin is plural number, the composition of which exceeds the level of this element from other species pigs. Due to increased globulin, small piglets have a good immune system, as well as the vital resistance.

The average feeding babies showed that at the age of 180-210 (six-seven months) pigs weigh about 90-110 kg. This is the average body weight compared with other breeds of pigs. As shown, the required per kilogram increase in the number of feed units is 3.0-4.5. According to its own biological differences, Mirgorod kind of puts your fat much earlier than the reproductive system develops. For reasons that are mainly debugged renal fat young pigs require special supplements, high protein level. The main fact is that the protein should be well absorbed and digested.

Introduced species of pigs quite popular. Fundamentals popularity is high-quality meat products of pigs. The minimum amount of fatty layers pets rather low level of humidity, it is these factors allow the production of high quality dry sausages and canned products, and tallow products Mirgorod pets is suitable for long-term preservation, because the melting point of the fat is relatively high – about 40-45 degrees of Celsius. High quality meat of pigs characterized by high levels of pH – 5.5-6.1, the intensity of the colors – 66,25-6,75 units for EXT, the level of meat tenderness – 8,05-8,12, meat can be stored at a humidity of 59, 0-59,2% resolution, the content of fatty tissue – 3.5-3.9%, capacity ash – 1,12-1,17%, protein percentage waver in areas 20,40-21,05% moisture level – 74,40-74,55%.

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