Red Fox, a description of

The number of species common fox population, reproduction, nutrition, basic characteristics and photos

The number of species common fox population, reproduction, nutrition, basic characteristics and photos

Red Fox – a carnivorous animal that lives in the forests, steppes. Beast large size: body length and a half meters, a half-meter tail. Fox weighs about eight kilograms. Color red with grayish tint, white breast, brick fluffy gray tail with white tip, paws and ears are dark, elongated nose, blond mustache.

Fox is considered the homeland Australia. There she was able to adapt to the environment. Later, the animals were brought to America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Now the fox live almost everywhere. It is important to note that they give preference to not only forests, mountains. Now the fox live in towns, parks and other social places.

An interesting fact is that the colors of predators varies depending on the climate. In cold countries, large animals, fur is thick, smooth and bright. In areas with warm climates foxes are small, hair is short, dark, not monotonous. Animals that live in the mountains are beautiful, good quality wool with a brown tint.

Changing from wool fox happens once every twelve months. At the end of winter, when they shed their warm fur, at the end of the summer coat gradually grows.

Predator has excellent hearing, which helps him on the hunt. With the help of a hearing, the antennae it feels easy prey.

As you know, foxes live in burrows. So choose not dense forests and various shrubs, bushes, where they can build a shelter. According to statistics, in the northern regions of Ukraine lives much less than in other natural areas.

Travel pet does not like. Therefore, it is trying to pick a place to spend the rest of life. Progeny is not moving away from the family. Young foxes dig burrows in the neighborhood of ten thousand meters away from the parental home. Territory choose carefully. The main conditions for living is enough food, the presence of an uneven surface, Godea for holes.

The soil should be loose, light. A place should be protected from rain, wind, hail. By the arrangement of the house animals and responsibly. Most burrow has spare moves. Which lead not only to the exit. Once the jack, which grow cubs. Do not always choose the fox hole. Sometimes they settled among the rocks, in caves, tree trunk and other areas suitable for them. It is difficult to find their home. Asylum is often covered with thickets, rocks, trees, earth.

In their burrows family lived until a new generation grows up. When children leave the parental home, the fox may spend the night on the street.

Over time the number of foxes significantly reduced. The cause of the mass death is the climate, lack of food, disease, females are often unable to get pregnant, die young.

But the gradual extinction of the fox does not give the danger from the people. Animals are often sick, then they can infect a person during a bite. The attacks are not uncommon. Their causes in most cases, is infuriating. If from this disease can be saved, the plague is little chance to survive.

Live animals about seven years in their native environment. In zoos, reserves life expectancy is twenty years.

Meals varied. From meat, finishing with grass. Since foxes are predators, food extract themselves. In the summer could cost fruits, different plants. In winter, prefer the meat more. Stocks do not. When feeling hungry predators go hunting where patiently waiting for prey. Sometimes to get the meat does not provide labor, and sometimes you have to work hard.

Multiply the animals once a year. females Gestation lasts about two months. Number of infants depends on the environment. My mother can give birth to ten children. Babies are born hairy. After birth, the females do not depart from the cubs. Protect children and males (two to three per female). The family problems often occur, which lead to the injury of one male. Progeny give birth to all the foxes around the same time. Therefore, all the nests are not enough. If female cubs die from the infection, the space immediately takes another family.

These animals are the most caring, kind parents. The education of cubs participation of all members of the family. Particularly different males. They not only educate the offspring, but surrounded by the mother care, long before the onset of labor. If de pope dies, the mother is not left alone. The males are so fond of children that often die during the fight because of the place in this family.

Nests do some animals. In case of danger, the family quickly moved to a safe place. After fourteen days in babies first teeth erupt, they can see and hear. Then parents have to constantly kill food. Often they sacrifice again to feed their children. Forty-five days after the birth of cubs are fed mother’s milk. Father teaches kids self-reliance. Soon they themselves can find their own food. A year later, the children leave home. Not far from their parents, they are looking for a home, mate. After eighteen months, they are able to start a family.

Find the animal on the trail is not difficult. Fox run, balanced, quiet, leaving a clear line. These animals are always focused. To fit the victim quietly, so as not to startle. Feels future food animal antennae, hearing. Vision is underdeveloped, but they see perfectly at night. The colors do not distinguish, can go up to a fixed beast, man, taking him for inanimate.

If the animal is disturbed, you will hear an unpleasant howling.

To conduct these animals prefer leisure fields, bushes, where they will not be disturbed. Before it is satisfied of their safety, the animal did not fall asleep.

On the hunt come at dawn, after sunset. Poor heat transfer. Foxes do not like the company of other animals. They prefer to be alone.

Not all the animals like to rest. Chanterelles living near the summer camps, boarding houses, bases of rest each easily go to the contact with people.

Often hunters catch foxes, as their fur is very valuable. A thick, warm wool does not miss the cold. Also, these animals bring people a huge favor. They eat your crop pests. Sami predators rarely feed on pets.

Special breed foxes specially cultivated, so you get excellent fur.

Outs of these animals is that they carry a variety of diseases. Among them there are deadly. Such as the plague.

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