Snail Achatina iradeli

Snail Achatina iradeli, content, feature, description and a photo

Snail Achatina iradeli, content, feature, description and a photo

Achatina iradeli – breed snails in East Africa. Outwardly, they are small in size. The length of the carapace adult does not exceed seven centimeters. The head is slightly darker than the body. A distinctive feature of Achatina iradeli is the ability to give birth to offspring, rather than laying eggs. Over time adult snail can give birth to a baby of about twenty-three. Fully grown cubs are aged six months.

In captivity, snails live in the terrarium / aquarium. The bottom is covered with a thick layer of soil with additives. From time to time moisten the soil spray water. Snail house advisable cover with holes for air. Otherwise, your pet will run away. In the house you can put a snag, a small wooden house, a bowl of water (for bathing). Achatina iradeli – heat-loving animals. Therefore, over the terrarium / aquarium place the lamp, which will be its heat. They eat snails green fodder. It can be almost everything: vegetables, fruits, lettuce, parsley, spinach. Each have their own taste preferences. Young snails, it is desirable to feed daily. For older individuals – every two or three days. The food is better to give the evening.

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