The humidity level for the maintenance of bonsai

Humidity level when the content of bonsai, the description and photo

Humidity level when the content of bonsai, the description and photo

For a good development of bonsai need sufficient moisture, which is unfortunately a big disadvantage in urban areas. On whether it is possible to solve the problem presented, we consider in this article. Often, when faced with a similar problem, looking sadly most expensive options to address it, but believe me, the price does not affect the efficiency.

For example, the most expensive, but few effective is an electric humidifier. Option seemingly good enough, but let’s look at the shortcomings of the device. Humidifiers have a large size, almost always make noise, and in addition, contain a similar machine at home rather expensive. Another way to solve the problem is much simpler and more economical. To do this on their own to build a mechanism.

So, for this experiment, you will need a flat vessel, suitable even ordinary plastic tray, which should be filled with water. It just put a pot with a plant in a container with water is not possible, as it can lead to arrogant moisture, and then, in a private place, to suppuration process. At the bottom of the region smasterirovannogo mechanism necessarily need to put a lot of stones, or simply put the grille, and after this procedure – to put our miniature bonsai. The effectiveness of the reporting mechanism also depends on the temperature in the house for a larger humidifying plant built vessel is practiced to put on top, over any heating system. This option is more simple and accessible, but apart from him there is one.

Next possible alternative humidifier is the easiest and most of which should not bother at all. Using a special device is necessary to spray the plant. Only the procedure provided for those owners of bonsai, which are able to repeat this process regularly. For example, a miniature tree was sprayed with water in the morning, then in the evening be sure to spray the plant again. That is, as soon as the tree dries up – sprayed with water to maintain your own bonsai humidity climate.

The article reviewed the main rules on maintaining humidity. The Japanese technique of bonsai, there are many different types. Each of them has its own characteristics and peculiarities that must be taken into account in every research trees. In fact, practically it was shown that, depending on the species of bonsai require different materials for the proper development and humidification process refers to the important basics of formation of plants. Therefore, you must not overdo it with humidifying action, and at the same time providing a sufficient amount of moisture the plant.

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