White fluffy rabbit

Beautiful white fluffy breed rabbits (rabbit Kursk) photos, description

Beautiful white fluffy breed rabbits (rabbit Kursk) photos, description

Long crossing has played a huge role in our rabbit breeding, which means low productivity crossed fluffy bunnies together with Angora (Angora rabbit breed). At the end of the breeding exercise increased live weight, the stability of the body, resistance to life, but also the performance down.

In our part of the formation known as the Kursk and Kirov. Kursk rabbits are also considered split facial features Angora (angora rabbits), and at the Kirov more powerful design and perfectly composed bone. They have a circular base with a well-formed bone system and a long near 54 cm, increased muscularity final round the waist, broad chest. The head of the white downy bunny with a medium or small erect ears.

For one once rabbit can lead to 7 rabbits. Approximately one year is enough to bring a mature crawl 300-760 grams of high-quality down, the rabbit bring up to 1 kg of lint, which boasts its own elasticity, resilience and ease. The composition of the fibrous duvet cover becomes 90%, a length of about 5-7 cm (rarity of up to 15 cm).

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