Californian rabbit, photos

Growing californian rabbits breed, photos, description

Growing californian rabbits breed, photos, description

The rabbits of this breed were derived complex methods. To do this, US scientists have crossed several chinchillas, namely more than usual chinchilla, white New Zealand and Russian ermine. On what grounds, California rabbits bred in the United States, famous for its excellent meat productivity, growth and intensity of high-quality skin. With its small volumes, they have a snow-white suit with a fur darkly-brown ears, tip of the nose, paws and tail.

Weigh brush rabbit an average of 4-5 kg, in their strong and compact body with a narrow bony rim, big back and chest.

For once rabbit can bring up to 8 small rabbits with a weight of up to 45 grams, but babies are gaining weight very quickly (up to 45 g/day). In the first two or three months brush rabbit weighs 2-3 kg, in five months – to 4.2 kg.

Rabbits Fur very thick and dense, silky white obtained from the skins of large and small sizes.

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