New Zealand white rabbit

New Zealand White rabbits, photos, description

New Zealand White rabbits, photos, description

The 20th century has become a very significant research in New Zealand white rabbits breed. It was then that American scientists have deduced this breed through selection in the New Zealand Red breed albino animals, but later began to make other selections in which the rabbits away from the intensive growth, high-quality meat and meat very distinct structures, where there was one more crossing is mixed with rock Flandres.

They later appeared in local farms where well-adapted. This breed is mainly grown broiler techniques results in the lower part of theirs paws wool and rabbits may be calm on the mesh floor theirs cells.

rabbit with an approximate weight of 4-5 kg, they have a short trunk and sturdy, strong structure of the muscular system and the big back. This breed stands out for its fast growth system, because newborn rabbit near the weigh 45 grams, and for two or three months can easily gain 2-3 kg. This type of rabbits was created mainly for meat production, they have thick muscled carcass without fat. For once rabbit brings 7-12 rabbits.

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