Big rabbit breed Soviet Marder

Breed of rabbits Soviet Marder, photo and description

Breed of rabbits Soviet Marder, photo and description

Big rabbit breed Soviet Marder, rabbits kind of moderate size, color light brown skins. The head, tail and legs are darker coat color resembles marten (Marder), so the breed is such a name.

They took the rock Soviet Marder in the period from 1931 to 1940 in the Armenian SSR, in the beginning of work crossed ermine rabbits chinchillas. Derived individuals reproduced with indigenous Russian ermine and chinchilla. Creating breed breeders sought to create animals with unique color schemes, to live well in the climate and the birth of new generations of these qualities remained. Rabbits have a strong body, the head is not large, round, small ears, elongated body, volume, back not long, powerful legs, straight. Weight of adult rabbit 3.8 to 6.4 kg newborn babies – 60 g, in the first month of life weight – 400 – 650 g, and 1.5 – 750 – 1050 Weight of young animals in the two months of 1840 , three – 2450 – 2500 Of the adults finished products as a percentage of 55 – 60%. Females at once give 10 – 12 kids, velvet skin, thick, glossy, of making the fur used without painting.

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