Bush pigs

Photos, description kisteuhoy breed pigs, characteristic

Photos, description kisteuhoy breed pigs, characteristic

Introduced a variety of well known around the world, the main reasons for the popularity has become a unique color scheme. Compared to other breeds of pigs – that bush pigs have the most variegated color.

The greatest spread of animals gathered on the territories of the West and Central Africa. The basis of animal habitat stretches from Senegal to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Representatives kisteuhih dwell in very different circumstances and locations. Meet the pets can be in large forest areas, savannahs, areas with elevated levels of wetland areas. An interesting fact is that the animals did not suffer too dry landscape, which explains their proximity to wet areas of habitat. In Africa, this breed is often called artisanal pigs, is the title due to the fact that often kisteuhie representatives settle in makeshift bush, large forest groves. Because like settling for any breed of pig is a feat in the southern African territories can simply observe the process of “appropriation” of land “artisanal pigs.”

Consider the exterior signs represented species. So pets have these characteristics: a massive and at the same time compact constitution; the body has elastic skin, without greasy looseness and without a belly, which is often slack in pigs; a medium-sized snout, that the profile has a hook-nosed profile views; at the head of the neatly arranged small ears and small snout; animal legs are not very long, quite low, but at the same time graceful and relief. Animals have the same feature. They have quite an interesting piercing eyes and a small, but very sharp teeth. male representatives are distinguished by bony tubercles between the eyes and nose part, very adult boars representatives have small horns, which noticeably bend to the rear of the chassis. The tail part is of particular vigor, the tail is very agile, at the end of the tail thick black or white brush, often found in black and white tassels. Mature individuals have a length of about 90-160 cm, and the average height at withers indicators are 50-85 cm in average live weight pet has from 75 to 90 kg. It is interesting to observe the movements of the animals, representatives kisteuhih moves with ease, running pigs rather quickly and rapidly, some individuals are able to run more dogs, but dogs differ from pigs that get tired quickly.

Externally kind has multiple variety of colors, and generally changing their own pets inherent colors. In today’s world a rock is separated into many different lines, each of which differs in size and body color, subspecies therefore easily distinguished from one another. It is known that distinguish about five different subgroups kisteuhih pets, but some prefer not to look for any differences in species, because it applies anyway only to the one breed that presented in this article. Thus, we consider the main distinctive performance appearance. Those pets that used to inhabit the artisanal areas (bush pig), painted with a minimum presence of variegation as they live on the other areal areas of eastern and southern Africa. Those representatives, which can be found in different areas of Cameroon unusual beauty, and their main colors of red and brown tints. Also, these pigs are different stripe neatly held throughout the spinal region, the white color. Color small stigmas predominantly black, and near the eye – white circle, which gives sweetness animals. For the presented species are often characterized by elongated whiskers and hairs on the ears are white and black colors, this is the external factor has served for the title kisteuhih pets. The color scheme of this breed has a great value, because when pupils meet a single one, is similar exterior features are specific signal recognition. Also, when the animals see each other, they are an interesting way of the arches her back and sideways tilt of the head, and their ears are moved into a horizontal position, as if something lie.

Comparing presented breed with other species, we can see significant differences in behavior. Lifestyle is really interesting and unusual. Especially surprising is the fact, the behavior of the pigs at night. It is known that pets retire in certain pre-dug excavation pits or burrows, these places are well hidden in dense vegetation, so the pigs provide their own security. Life happens bush pigs in the herd, which often does not exceed more than 14-16 individuals, and at the head of all members of the flock is an adult boar. Areal territory represented species remains a mystery, because the habitats they are special, different special characters, which are known only to members of a particular herd. Signs areas may be different scratches on the bark of trees, animals are left with sharp little clicks. If there is something strange in the herd living districts, as well as if the pets feel any danger, they immediately change their residence area. There are herds that are trying to defend, attack enemies (the greatest threat is the cat’s representatives or different sub-groups of hyenas) and defend the territory.

Variety of multiple pregnancy is different, one farrowing sow can lead from two to seven whales, pigs. It takes only a few days to ensure that their own kids everywhere followed kisteuhoy mother. newborn was brought up not only one of the representatives, and the whole herd together. Mother fattening lasts until the third or fifth month of life, and then eat their own pets. Practice has shown that puberty has already presented a variety of late, at the age of about 2.5 or 3 years.

As for the diet the animals are unpretentious, they just eat the root parts of various plants, a variety of fruits, also suitable for food animal food, like carrion, insects, representatives of the newborn ungulates (which include sheep or goats). That is to say, pigs are omnivorous species. As a fact, if the representative kisteuhih notice a hunting dog, it will start at the same moment to attack, kill and can immediately eat. Pets feel nothing but hatred for dogs.

Previously, the main regulator of the number of representatives of the species were leopards. But in today’s world, more and more intense leopards are displaced people, so kisteuhih inhabitants is growing with each passing day. Often referred to breed pests, because they run over the herds in the fields and destroyed the crops where large maize, peanuts, grapes, watermelons, pineapples and other productive crops. And in some African regions represented pigs on the contrary try to domesticate and contain half-free conditions, despite the fact that the species is wild.

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