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Photos, description Kamerovsky breed pigs, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description Kamerovsky breed pigs, characteristic for home breeding

Representatives Kamerovsky varieties of pigs for their own type of productivity related to meat and greasy direction, or as it is called, universal. More recently, the breed is listed as a meat pig facial features. Exterior features include a powerful constitution. Torso pet looks harmoniously and proportionally. Exterior appearance of the figures are also expressed in a black suit, with unusual variegated tints. The body is covered with abundant animals stiff bristles, which serves as one of the tools reside in areas with low-temperature conditions, and the well-develop and grow rapidly.

We created the first pet Kamerovsky varieties, as you might guess from the name, in the Kemerovo region. Engaged in the process of pig-specialists. What’s become what animals are now, they have come a long way. The initial creation of the animals produced by the multifunctional reproductive crossing with large varieties of pigs, which include large white, white long-eared, bershirskie, large black, northern Siberian pig.

Playback is a passage of time. All members of the previously described species, long divorced “in itself”, but later special offspring were seen with that of all the species has the best quality. New Generation Kamerovsky was the most precocious, well-adapted to life in the harsh climate conditions, can quickly acclimate and adapt, unpretentious to the conditions, and can eat all sorts of hybrids feed. For the second half of the 20th century (around 1960), a type approved as an independent. After the recognition of the breed, pets have become quite popular, and that was the reason for their further studies. Later, pig lovers began to conduct a variety of research and crossbreeding Kamerovsky that led to the creation of a new facial features pigs. The new generation is now in the beef. In fact, why variety is often referred to as “universal”, for the simple reason, because pets have all the qualities of pigs. We presented species are well developed meat, tallow and meat-tallow productivity. Moreover, the CM-1 (renamed meat pets) believe the newest generation of the species.

Consider the exterior characteristics Kemerovo pets. On the study of external data fit the old pigs (meat and greasy type), as the new Type pigs they do not actually differ. The animals are well developed body. Pigs large, convex chest. Clearly marked area hams. The dorsal part of the direct and large. Externally, the animals also differ in color of the suit. Basic color – dark gray or black, which covered all the body, and in some places you can take a closer look and discover the small size of the white spots. Especially noticeable are white patches in the frontal region, tail and legs.

At the expense of the productivity of the old and the new line of Kemerovo, in this regard, animals are a little different.

So first osnovopolozhitelnaya species. Adult representative of the masculine (boar) can reach a weight of 300-400 kg, despite the fact that the length of the entire constitution does not exceed 155-175 cm and chest circumference of about 145-165 cm. Mature female representative, in turn, has a weight of about zhivim 150-300 kg of body length sows – 150-170 cm, chest girth is from 135 to 155 cm.

Variety distinguished as multiple. For example, one mother pig shackles brings 10 to 15 kids. maternal quality is also well developed. Milking females waver in a radius of 55-70 kg. Given that a good mother watching their own offspring, giving kids what it takes young Kemerovo breed rapidly and grow rapidly. The average daily live weight gain of pigs of 700-900 grams. At one kilogram of live weight gain requires 3.5-5.0 food units. By the time when kids eliminate the maternal feeding, they weigh about 15-25 kg. Live weight 90-110 kg pets can reach as early as mid-year of age.

Now consider the main productive characteristics of the new generation – the CM-1. As I mentioned earlier, as a kind of Kemerovo, only different beef. Reproduced data were pets in the results of crossing the Kemerovo representatives that had meat and greasy direction, with the representative varieties Landrace. And so was born an improved version of the previous species. The new generation has improved the percentage of productivity, with all kinds of exterior features have been fully preserved. That is, safety is about 85-95%. Adult representative of a new type of meat weighs about 90-110 kg, but if the original representative of the Kemerovo varieties reach a weight in semi age, these pupils have a similar weight for a few weeks less. Empirical studies have shown that per kilogram live weight of pigs must be slightly smaller (approximately 0.0-0.2) feed units. Carcasses that are obtained after the slaughter, produce a product with a smaller thickness of bacon and a marked increase in meat.

Today, popular in the output of dilution, represented a kind of Kemerovo, enjoy in the harsh Siberian territories in the regions of the Far East and some parts of Kazakhstan (mainly in the northern parts of mills). Modern pig production continues to variously change the animal, constantly crossing them with a variety of species. Especially high-quality alliances are made with large white rocks, northern Siberia, as well as representatives of the Landrace and a small number of other breeds.

In fact, a kind of universal Kemerovo presented with a calm disposition pets, it’s easy to live in areas with extreme conditions, adapt well to new localities, characterized by intensive growth of live weight and precocity.

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