Danish protest pig

Photos, description protesting the Danish breed pigs, characteristic for home breeding

Photos, description protesting the Danish breed pigs, characteristic for home breeding

Provenance provided, the Danish protest pig breed – one of the most interesting, when compared with other species breeding pigs. It is known that the appearance of this breed is a kind of protest to certain actions of the government. Those citizens of Denmark, which previously resided on the territory of Germany (districts of North Frisia) such actions showed his own dissatisfaction with the fact that the Germans did not allow them to hang the flags of their true homeland, which is a significant insult to the Danish national symbols. Such a ban Danes expressed in the creation of new varieties bred, which was called the Danish protest. In addition to the representation of names, there are also other options for the title of the animals. For example, huzumskie protest, red-mottled huzumskie protest. In German, the name sounds like «Husumer Protestschwein», in English – “Protest Danіsh Pіg” and in Danish – «Husum protestsvin». It is clear that the name is directly related to the original purpose of creation of species – to show their own protest, creating decent breed of pigs.

Consider some of the historical facts of the Danish breeding protest representatives. All actions taken beginning in the first half of the 13th century (15 June 1219). At that time, all the power was in the hands of King Valdemar II, and he was preparing for the start of hostilities with the nations that called themselves Estonians. For the introduction of troops into battle lacked certain signs that were required. Later created the impossible. One ordinary evening on the beautiful red skyscraper suddenly out of nowhere there was a certain figure in white that looked like a cross clear. Thereafter, the white cross has become a mandatory feature of the sign that gave the victory by Danish troops. From the moment “heavenly symbol” became noble complement national symbols of Denmark. The flag consists of a white cross on a red background mostly, which is also called – Dannebrog.

It has been almost a century, when the German authorities decided to ban all those who lived in the North Frisia territories openly demonstrate their extraordinary sign of nobility – Dannebrog. This decision was quite unexpected for the Danes. Most of the troubled and decided to still continue to show signs of their true origin, just as it later turned out, quite an unusual way. Witty Danish citizens created just incredible – pigs, Dannebrog. Animals were distinguished by the fact that apparently was clearly expressed in the basic color of the pigs – the red, and the shoulder stand out white wide enough and long strip, which fell to the line of hooves. These external characteristics suit pet fully looked like a Scandinavian cross on a red cloth. The bottom line was that prohibit the breeding of pigs, pig or even stop – it would be foolish, and the German authorities would not dare such action, so the relic continued to live on in the hearts of not only the Danish patriots. The first half of the breed distinguished 20th century that the popularity of Representatives has increased significantly and breeding of pets is widespread. The peak of popularity of pigs also cemented their original name – Danish protest pig. After the war (about 1954) the title of species completely rooted. Also unusual coloring for pets, the representatives of this breed have a pretty massive and strong constitution. The average growth rate of the animals from 85 to 95 cm and a live weight thus waver in areas of 325-360 kg.

Unfortunately, the exact information about how to create a view species has not survived. But many years later, scientists still little explored the rock and found that these pigs were taken through a variety of breeds. These included: black and white pig goltsheynskie, Jutland, English tamvortskie, krasnopestrye line English varieties engeln saddelbek. In addition to these assumptions, there are others, but the true origin of the breed, at the moment, is not known to anyone.

After the war, despite the fact that the animals enjoy high popularity, the number of livestock has been significantly reduced, and eventually virtually disappeared. Around 1967-1970 years was born the last of the Danish protest rock, which is read as facts. At that time, pigs are considered fully extinct, which was not true. It has been nearly fifteen years (1983-1985 years), when they were again spotted pig that came together with extraordinary features provided variety. That moment and began to breed a new revival process. Today the Danish protest pets can boast the number of livestock that ranges from 135 to 155 heads, in addition, the number is multiplied with each passing day.

In today’s world we are engaged in cultivation of the variety numerical pork organizations that have the presence of a special community “Förderverein Rotbuntes Husumer Schweіn EV” (Fordferayn Rotbuntes Guzumer Schwein e. FAA), which broke out in 1996.

It is also a great help in breeding, conservation of genetic resources and reproductive processes have Berlin zoos, Kila, Hanover and other German cities. The main corporation, which is at a high level and explores a variety of popualiziruet territories of Schleswig-Holstein, which is also the project manager, as well as the official representative of the Danish protest pig.

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