Guinea pig (African dwarf)

Photos, description breed guinea pigs, mini Piga feature for home breeding

Photos, description breed guinea pigs, mini Piga feature for home breeding

Introduced species African dwarf pig, also often referred to as the Guinean appeared a long time ago. On the existence of pigs has been known for the days of the slave trade, where the pupils were first noticed and started to be used by people, but to domesticate them was virtually impossible. We know that on, representatives of the African dwarf pigs, began to carry out various experiments, including breeding. At the end of a variety of selections, the Guinean pets have become well adapted to the home environment, and of the original animals were not distinguished. Currently, African swine are perfectly dwell near the people, will not be avoided and not to harm. The selection of the consequences of the animals began to show good quality friendly and more peaceful disposition.

Parts of Guinea pigs are found in all the titles, with characteristic black coloring of the body and small snow-white socks. Less common pets, which also contains various markings, as well as gray spots. The breed belongs to the mini-pigs. Toddlers have abundantly covered with large trunk fibers, tails they all screwed parts, as well as the original are small ears. Pigs Guinea pigs weighing quite small, only 450-550 grams, by the age of two or three years, the live weight increases a bit – 95-135 kg. Despite the fact that the kids are not of high quality or productivity of precocity, their excellent character hides any error. African dwarf pigs quite gently and peacefully relate to any situation, not very resistant to stressful situations, which, of course, it is better not to create.

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