Squirrels, description

Squirrels, description, characteristics, habitat, and photos

Squirrels, description, characteristics, habitat, and photos

Chipmunk (Squirrel family) – a small little animal (about ten centimeters), which looks like a little squirrel. Most species of rodent lives in North America. They prefer to live in the woods. Color gray-brown brick with white, dark-brown stripes on the back and white belly; have a long hairy tail. Chipmunk weighs about a kilogram.

Live rodents in the trunk of the tree, however, do not like heights. Because of their small size and innocuous species, chipmunks have to constantly hide in the bushes and other undergrowth.

They feed on animals nuts, berries, fruits, buds of trees and other plants.

Females build their nests in a hole, where they live. On average, she can give birth to about five young brood. Squirrels are very females protect their children, can always survive because almost all of its young.

These animals so all sat down like that lately they are often taken as pets.

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