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Photos, description breed crested ducks with a forelock, characteristic

Photos, description breed crested ducks with a forelock, characteristic

One of the most beautiful breeds in the world – Russian Crested breed ducks. In Europe, it is known for more than 3 centuries, which is likely to have been crossed with local Chinese crested duck. Productive qualities Crested ducks have low rates, but an attractive appearance allows you to grow them as ornamental birds. Although small Farmstead ducks can be found of this species, because they are the decoration of the yard. Character crested ducks nice, not aggressive, they move a lot.

The breed is easy to treat type and body size so small. Tulupyev compact, small, but well-developed muscular system. Twists on back there, broad chest, well bent forward. Head small with a particular crest on the back. Availability tuft in animals shows and breed thoroughbred origin. It is this crest duck gives an attractive appearance, which is appreciated by lovers of decorative rocks. The crest is considered complete if the feathers on it thin and long, the color does not matter. Externally, these feathers form small growths that looked like a hat or a crown. Beak small, curved at the end. The neck is not too thin and short. The limbs are short, medium developed as wings. The plumage is thick, dense, may consist in completely different colors. Color feathers depends on the habitat of Crested Duck and the presence of impurities in the blood of other breeds. The darker the color of the plumage, the darker beaks and feet of duck.

Unfortunately, the breed tends to be dissolved even without mixing blood. For example, if a duck and a drake crested, then there is a possibility that some of the 5 th of ducklings born without crest. The fact is that for this difference is the responsible gene, which has accumulated property. Therefore, the less its accumulated, the less chances that a large number of young animals will have a crest. Another feature, which is manifested in purebred crested ducks – a small weight. There is a special standard in appearance Crested Duck.

As already mentioned, productive indicators are low. Mature duck usually not even reach 3 kg and weft typically weighs more than 2 kg. Young duck in the period can produce about 55 eggs, weighing not more than 80 grams, but there are always exceptions to the rule, so you can find ducks that bear record 120 eggs per year.

In large productive purposes Tufted duck is not grown. Its purpose is mainly decorative, so these ducks can be found only in small yards to lovers of ornamental rocks.

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